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Bare-skinned predecessors of Canadian Hairless are renowned from ancient Egypt. Egyptians idolized these cats taking them as messengers of Gods for their ability to cure and highly positive aura and energy.All these values are relative to Canadian Hairless nowadays.

The lack of hair makes them ideal pet. They are unpretentious, spontaneous, tender, and docile and devoted like a dog.

The Sphinx coos like a pigeon while fawn on. Their mind-bending and expressive eyes are unforgettable. They follow every movement of the master showing immeasurable love. The Sphinxes walk upon air trying to pre-engage and to be in the thick of things when guests are at home. When the night comes the Sphinx shows that time to sleep has come, invites his master to bed and roosts close by with delighted coo and pacifically squeezes up its warm small body against his master.

Canadian Hairless is very neat, it likes bathing and it is another satisfaction of intercourse with it. Once started such Canadian Hairless you will remain fandom of this Уchild of natureФ forever!

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