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Sphynx cattery

The Nizhny Novgorod УGOLD OLIMPФ Canadian Hairless nursery is registered by ASSOLUX INTERNATIONAL in 2009.

Although our nursery is new we have chosen all the breeders carefully. The breeders have excellent background and nature and are highly appreciated and titled at the expositions!
Our aim is to get healthy and strong progeny of Canadian Hairless according to all standards of the breed!

Our slogan is УQuality rather than Quantity!Ф

At our site you can see photographs of our breeders and kittens which you can buy (may be one of them could enslave your heart forever).

While purchasing a Sphinx kitten from our nursery you may be sure that you have bought a highbred animal that is known for famous Sphinx habits!

Once adopted Canadian Hairless will never disenchants you!

Nizhny Novgorod
Telephone: 8 (831) 279-37-94
8 (910) 385-23-46, +7 (920) 111-88-06
E-mail: goldolimp2009@yandex.ru

Skype: goldwomen73

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